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Hey, my name is Samuel Young.

I’m a UI & UX Designer based in Australia.

I’m a self-taught designer that has a passion for crafting beautiful user experiences.

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About me

Hey, I’m Samuel. My friends call me Sam. I’m a self-taught UI & UX developer based in Brisbane, Australia. I started my design journey in late 2022 and have been falling in love with crafting beautiful user experiences ever since.

I am passionate about using my skills and knowledge to help clients craft a seamless and delightful user journey. I enjoy continually being challenged by the ever evolving industry and learning new skills every day.

I am currently focusing on my UI/UX journey as a freelance designer, but I also enjoy diving back into building unique web3 based experiences.



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Things I've Built

My Work

Here are a few case studies of some of the projects I’ve worked on recently. I’ve tried to select a variety of projects that showcase different aspects of my UI/UX research & design process.

NFTerrarium - Project & Interface Design

UI/UX Design

Personal Project


NFTerrarium is a web3 project that I started at the end of 2022 with the goal of creating a unique experience for holders while experimenting with dynamic images and meta data for the NFT tokens. For this project, my main goal was to create a seamless experience throughout the web platform that allowed holders to interact with their NFTs and the off-chain systems with little to no friction between the two.

To achieve this I create a number of gamified systems including, but not limited to, a level and experience system and currency system that allow the user to interact with NFTs that they owned & unlock more benefits as they progresses. I them combined this with the ability for holders to manage & interact with multiple of their wallets at a time. An additional token crafting system that allows users to combine on-chain tokens & off-chain items into new NFTs that are subsequently minted has also been designed.

Once the systems were mapped out and a plan was created for how users would interact with various systems, branding and a user interface were designed. The interface features various blue and beige hues that allowed for creating a design that was easy on the eyes and had enough contrast between various elements to allow users to easily distinguish different content modals and interactable elements.

Unified Interface. I created a series of easy to recognise components so that users would easily be able to notice the various interactable elements throughout the various website pages.

Blockchain Integration. To enable easier user of blockchain technology throughout the project, hybrid systems that incorporate both on-chian & off-chain data were designed. Therefor creating better access & cheaper use for users.

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